Annette Galbraith Hamm BSc(R) MA (ABS)

As a coach to executive/owners of small businesses and organizations, Annette brings to her work a Master’s in Applied Behavioral Science focused on Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Systems Theory, Action Research and the study of human behavior in groups. She has additional training in executive coaching with a focus on RESULTS: Reflecting, Evaluating, Strategizing, Understanding, Listening (attending to the people side of business), Taking action, balancing innovation and structure, and Systematizing measurable changes and results for the bottom line.

Annette has had a broad spectrum of experience in large and small organizations spanning over 35 years, including 15 years of learning the ropes in small business ownership.

If you are struggling with how to increase your share of the market, if you are failing to make ends meet, if business growth is ahead of your ability to handle it, or you need to get clear about where you are going with your business long term, work with Annette to gain clarity about your next best moves for your business.


Executive Coaching, Warner Results Coaching

Master’s in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr U. at Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) Coaching and Consulting in Organizations, and Leadership Development

Additional Training

  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • Conflict Mediation and Labor/management relations
  • Leadership training and development
  • Employee engagement, growth and development
  • Psychological type evaluation


Six years as Coach to executives of small for-profit businesses in a wide variety of fields: Healthcare, Interior Design, Technical Innovation, Information Technology, Finance, and Construction

Consultant to mid-sized non-profit organization undergoing multi-level, complex change: Community Health Center in Washington State

Over 15 years personal experience in small business ownership

A wide spectrum of experience with over 20 years in management, administration, teaching, and labor relations positions in small, mid-sized, and large institutions Budgeting and administration of multi-million dollar program

  • Project management, program planning
  • Conflict and mediation
  • Group methodologies for managing operational change
  • Teaching and educator experience at college and university levels

Past and Present Volunteer Positions


  • Board member licensing and professional organizations in Manitoba and British Columbia
  • Member British Columbia Chamber of Commerce Health Committee


  • Board member Jewish Community Center
  • Board member community Emergency Response planning group
  • Member Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Coordinator community emergency Red Cross Sheltering