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Surviving to Win in Business: Game Plans and Pacing

Surviving to Win in Business

Surviving long enough to win in business requires a plan, strategy, patience, and…the personal strength to persist through whatever gets thrown at you.  If you are running a business, it’s much like running a race: you have to have a game plan, the burning desire to reach the finish line at the head of the pack and, you have to pace yourself.  You have to start strong, go hard, and learn when to back off; pace yourself to gain your second wind, then put on full steam when you are headed towards your end goal. You will have no reserve to make it to the end if you drain yourself completely early on or in mid-run, or become so exhausted you have no reserves for what happens next.

We’re not talking about the end of your business when we talk end goals; we’re talking about making it to the end of a project or time period successfully – with steam left over for the next run.  We’re talking about having the energy for the business growth spurt when everything seems to happen at once – new contracts, new customers, customers with changes in needs and wants, subcontractors with problems delivering the goods, new production line problems.  Let’s not forget to mention employee problems, and the good, the bad and the ugly problems that afflict us all in for-profit and not-for-profit business.

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Executive Bottom Line Boogie? Or Bust?

Every Executive must learn how to do “The Bottom Line Boogie” with the right steps, the right rhythm, and the right timing.
– Annette Galbraith Hamm

The Bottom Line Boogie is the dance every executive must perform – no matter how new or long-standing, large or small the business. Side stepping, slides, twists, 180’s, 360’s, doesn’t matter, the Bottom Line for every company demands that the steps be the right steps, the rhythm matching that of multiple partners, and that the timing be the right timing.

You may have the right goals, the right people working for you, and a clear vision of who you are and what you are doing as a business, but if you fail to do the Bottom Line Boogie, you are facing the possibility of failure

So what is the Bottom Line Boogie exactly?

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Goal Setting

The Practice of Writing Doable Goals

The most important thing about goals is having one.
-Geoffrey F. Abert

Goals are what keep us moving forward – in our lives, in our businesses. Without goals, we usually manage to do only what we have been doing, and often in a scattered manner, wondering at the end of the day where the day has gone and what we have accomplished.

Without clear, doable goals, our businesses and our lives may flounder or stall.

Visions of where we want to go in life and in business provide us with the carrot at the end of the stick; and having specific goals tells us how we are going to get a grip on that carrot. Goals provide the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve our vision.

Having an idea in your head or a vision of where you want to take your business (or life) may keep you happy, but is more likely to keep you dreaming rather than actually doing.

Putting your vision down on paper in real terms, will grab your subconscious attention in a way that leaving it in your head cannot do. Putting it to paper begins a process of making your dream more real, tangible – and doable.

The best goal is a written goal.

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